Mar 172012

Local visionaries decided to give the big stock agencies a run for their money. After years of planning, Student Stock has taken flight and is well on the way to becoming the next major resource for innovative images. This was a very graphics intensive production and much of the work went into the concept development and communication with the client so that the end product was precisely what they wanted.

Jan 102011

Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a good friend of mine, Chuck Lundgren of Iris Software, on the Freeport Regional Water Authority project.  As the end of the contract approached he asked me to create a 3D animation of the intake facility and adjoining pipeline segments.  Always glad to tackle a 3D challenge, I modeled and rendered the intake facility and the several twists and turns of  miles of pipeline that connects the Sacramento river to the Folsom South Canal .

The model of the building was provided to me in a CAD file which needed several days of “fixing” to make everything render correctly. I built everything else from scratch basing much of the layout on a simple Google satellite map. I used Lightwave 9.6 for both the modeling and rendering. Of course, there was the occasional trip to After Effects for integration with some of the 2D mapping elements.

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Feb 232010

The Butte Environmental Council wanted to inform residents that the safety claims of common household cleaning products they regularly use are not tested by independent or governmental agencies.

In Smart Mouse, I proposed a very simple and perhaps overused icon, that of the white lab rat. Believe me, working with animals is not for the impatient. Getting that last shot took a ridiculous number of takes!

For Toxic Trails I developed an idea that highlighted the residual “footprint” of how the many chemicals we use can be spread and even consumed.

For Alternative Cleaners, I created a series of look-alike 3D products in a fully animated PSA.