Feb 072013

Videomaker Magazine asked me to review the game-changing new production camera that is capable of capturing 13 stops of dynamic range, 12-bit color and all in raw format. I am lucky to have been the Editor in Chief of the magazine so I often will get first crack at reviewing what I think are the most exciting new products. And this is certainly one of them. In fact, if the camera does what Blackmagic claims it can do, I’ll be getting on the long waiting list like so many others (No, I don’t get to take cuts just for doing the review). Check it out at Videomaker.

Apr 272010

As if Content Aware fill wasn’t enough, Adobe has unveiled a significant upgrade to their lens correction technology. Now included in Lightroom 3 and Camera RAW 6.1 (shipping with the CS5 Suite), is the ability to easily correct lens distortion, chromatic aberration, and vignetting. Now some of these controls have been available in earlier versions, but not in a one-click tool that also provides a great deal of manual overrides and the inclusion of both preset and custom profiles.

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Apr 122010


I had the opportunity to review the groundbreaking¬† new suite of media tools from Adobe, CS5 Production Premium, for Videomaker Magazine. For the last month I’ve been testing what I really believe is a revolutionary upgrade. For certain key tasks, like editing multiple layers of HD video, I’m seeing between five an ten fold increases in performance. When was the last time THAT happened in a mere dot upgrade? Check out my full review at Videomaker.