Jan 032014

Trying to schedule a day between recent rain storms was a little tricky when trying to image a sunset time lapse for Chico Volkswagen. But we got lucky and had good weather for the couple of hours needed to get the closing shot. We also did a little more 3D graphics than we normally get to do so this was a particularly fun production.

Jun 072013

This is the first commercial production I’ve had a chance to create using our new Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Since the images were placed in frames with flaring and reflection effects, the full color and resolution cannot be appreciated here. But I can tell you the original footage, after grading in Resolve, looked incredible. All scenes were shot using two lenses, a 17-40mm f4/L (for which I used a variable ND to control exposure) and a 70-200mm f2.8/L. Some scenes required slipping a graduated ND in the matte box as well to keep some color in the sky.

Feb 162011

While shooting a series of TV commercials for Ginno’s Appliances, the executive producer, Scott Whiting, grabbed this shot of the clients and me reviewing a take. There’s three of us standing there, but look closely at how many “faces” you actually see.

No, this didn’t touch Photoshop.



Some shoots are just stranger than others.